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How To Assemble Your Nespresso Original Coffee Pod Capsule Tower

How to assemble your Nespresso Original Coffee Pod Capsule Tower

Your Capsule Tower will arrive flat packed and will need to be assembled.  Don't worry this is very simple!

What you will receive:

Two pieces clear acrylic frame with pre-installed self adhesive base pads.

Tier rings (5 or 8) in chosen colour.

Step 1

Firstly take the two clear acrylic frame pieces and remove the protective films from both sides.

Then slide these together until they click.  Once assembled please do not try to take apart as this may damage the frame.

Step 2

Remove the protective film from both sides of the largest ring and place onto the tower, you should hear a small click when it is in place.  Do the same to the remaining rings.


You will notice that the top ring is wobbly when placed on the Tower, you will need to place the top magnetic piece onto the tower this will hold the top tier firm but still allow it to turn.


Congratulations your tower is now ready to fill.  Enjoy!

If you still have any questions on assembly please do not hesitate to contact us.