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This is simple, discreet, and works perfectly. We've got ours under the kitchen cupboard by the Nespresso machine. Reach up, slide out a pod, drop in the machine, and off you go.

Author: AW-February 2018

Over the years I must have bought and then discarded half a dozen Capsule Holders. This is the simplest, most effective and aesthetically pleasing of them all and will certainly not be discarded. It is also one of the cheapest.  

Author: WC-July 2014

Love it. Stylish, robust, fits plenty of capsules, and tucks away in the cupboard. Even had friends commenting on how efficient and attractive it is.

Author: CL-June 2017

Great way to keep the capsules tidy and with the different sizes you can get one to fit into any space.

Author: MY-November 2016

A truly first class product, highly recommended. But read the instruction carefully, you will only get one attempt to fix it.

Author: CW-July 2014

Like all good designs it's the simplest that are the best....this is very clever...holds 60 pods...highly recommend

Author: AK-February 2017

You often find that simple uncomplicated designs combined with high quality materials make the best solutions and this is a case in point.

Author: SC-July 2014