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Modern Dolce Gusto Capsule Holder - Simple, Elegant Storage That Works

Dolce Gusto Pod Holder shown mounted on wall next to coffee maker

If you are like me and space is at a premium in your kitchen, then finding room for yet another must have gadget, that wonderful new Dolce Gusto coffee machine with its endless stream of amazing blends isn't helping!  The coffee machine has to live on the side for practical purposes, however, there must be a better solution for those numerous capsules, so where do you look for a simple modern Dolce Gusto Capsule holder that won't take up worktop, drawer or cupboard space?

 In my opinion the ideal place to store Dolce Gusto capsules without using any worktop, drawer or cupboard space would be in an area of the kitchen that doesn't get used at all.  I know what you're thinking - "there is no unused space!"  Think again!  How about the inside of your cupboard doors, on the side of your cupboards, that empty wall space between your work surface and bottom of your cupboards,  I am sure you can come up with many more.  In fact there is so much wasted space in a kitchen that never gets used.  With the self adhesive Dolce Gusto Capsule holder from The Cofffee Pod Holder Shop all of these unusable surfaces become potential capsule storage gold.


What to choose?  Holders That Are Worktop Hogs or Cupboards Loaded With Capsule Boxes? 

Dolce Gusto coffee pod shown in boxes

On the market you will find many different types of Dolce Gusto capsule holders these will mostly be the bent wire style which sits on your worktop surface next to your coffee machine or the drawer style which the coffee machine sits on. The problem with both of these storage solutions (which is due to the reasonably large size of the Dolce Gusto capsules) is that they take up a considerable amount of your valuable worktop surface and not only that they are quite limited on the quantity they can hold, which may mean as well as having pods stored in your worktop holder you will also be storing partially full boxes in your cupboards!

Alternatively, you could ditch the holders altogether and store the Dolce Gusto Capsule boxes just in your cupboard, however this option really does zap the most cupboard space and is not the most practical idea when storage space is already tight. 


Areas Of A Kitchen That Never Get Used for Storage

As mentioned previously, take a look around your kitchen, in the drawers and cupboards and I am sure you will find that there is a considerable amount of storage surface or space that never gets used.  Maybe it is the wall surface that runs around the kitchen with no other purpose than to look good, or in a cupboard with a stack of plates on the lower shelf with a 6 inch void until the next shelf, or on  side of a cupboard. These are just a few examples but would all be perfect for the wall/surface mounted Dolce Gusto Capsule holder which  takes advantage of those dead areas and adds a stylish modern display for all of your favourite coffee blends!


DIY Dolce Gusto Pod Holders, are they really worth the effort?

Tools ready to make a Dolce Gusto pod holder

I know there are a lot of articles out there showing people with a flair for DIY how they can build their own Dolce Gusto capsule holder from scratch with various items purchased from their local DIY store, the big questions is, is it worth it?  After researching a couple I found one that used strips of PVC plastic which were taped using double sided tape to the underside of a kitchen cabinet, a quick search for the PVC strip gave a unit cost of £2.99 for 2.5 metre length.  OK, well that’s not too bad, but then there is the double sided tape to hold it in place and you know you're not going to be buying just the 2.5 metres you need.  The smallest amount of suitable double sided that I could find was a 5 metre roll and came in at £4.99. Then there’s the cost of fuel to get to and from the local DIY store, for me this a 12 mile round trip, so there goes another £1.85.  When you take into account these three elements the total is coming in at £9.83 and at this point you have a strip of PVC and a roll of tape.  Now all you need is the tool kit and a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and you have your very own pod holder creation.

Completing a DIY project can be very rewarding however with many Dolce Gusto pod holders on the market and with a £9.83 starting budget there is going to be a holder that you can buy straight off the shelf. So to answer the question of “DIY Dolce Gusto pod holder, are they really worth the effort?” from a financial saving point of view the answer would probably be no, however if you fancy the challenge there are ways of creating your own.


Simple And Stylish Dolce Gusto Capsule Holders From The Coffee Pod Holder Shop

Taking all of the above into account, I would like to tell you more about the wall/surface mounted Dolce Gusto capsule holders which are available from The Coffee Pod Holder Shop.

Dolce Gusto pod holder shown in different mounting options

The wall/surface mounted Dolce Gusto capsule holders that we offer come in two different sizes, a full height version (455mm tall) and half height version (247mm tall).   Both versions of the Dolce Gusto capsule holder are manufactured from 3mm thick acrylic with self adhesive double sided strips on the rear for quick and easy installation.  They are available in the following high gloss colours black, white, red, pink and lime.  Along the bottom edge of the capsule holder is what we call the identifier capsule, this allows you to easily identify which blend of coffee is in which column. The identifier capsule is held in place with a small clear acrylic clip and can be easily removed if you get down to the last one.


The Coffee Pod Holder Shop Full Height Dolce Gusto Capsule Holder

Dolce Gusto pod holder, holding 64 pods, shown in white

Our full height Dolce Gusto capsule holder has been designed to be applied to surfaces where there is a larger area available such as on a wall between the lower and upper kitchen units.  These pod holders are available in six different sizes starting at two columns of eight pods (holding 16 capsules in total) and going up to twelve columns of eight pods (holding 96 capsules in total).  Pricing starts at £15.19 and includes the single piece Dolce Gusto pod holder with self adhesive tape pre-assembled and indicator pod clips to suit the number of columns purchased.  Find out more about this holder.


The Coffee Pod Holder Shop Half Height Dolce Gusto Pod Holder

Dolce Gusto pod holder, holding 32 pods, shown in pink

Our half height Dolce Gusto capsule holder is designed to be applied to surfaces where a smaller area is available such as on the end of a kitchen unit or maybe on the inside of the cupboard door.  The capsule holders are available in six different sizes starting at two columns of 4 pods (holding 8 pods in total) and going up to twelve columns of 4 capsules (holding 48 pods in total).  Pricing starts at £9.49 and includes the single piece Dolce Gusto capsule holder with self adhesive tape pre-assembled and indicator capsule clips to suit the number of columns purchased.  Find out more about this holder.


Loading and Unloading Your Dolce Gusto Capsule Holder 

You will see that both of our Dolce Gusto capsule holders are loaded and unloaded from the top (the other end to the identifier pod).  To load the pods simply place in from the top and slide the capsule down to the identifier pod, this process is then repeated until the column is full.  To unload the process is exactly the same but in reverse.


To Finish...

Thank you for taking the time to look at this post, I hope you have found it interesting and also informative.  However, if you have any questions in relation to any part of the above please do not hesitate to contact me via The Coffee Pod holder Shop contact form. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comments section and if you have enjoyed our post please share this via the social media icons below.  Thanks again for reading .....   Darren


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